Interpretation the That lotus Platform in Tateiki Zen Museum

Lotus Platform is a remarkably refined, sophisticated, and profound discipline that allows the medical specialist to experience a state of fantastic peace, wisdom and oneness with all the things. The most uncomplicated one was the Lotus Mild Shattering World. Once one gets to the Lotus Light Shattering Dominion he makes Lotus Systems from between one to eight. It is depending on the “Shang Lin Tile” (Chinese), a collection of nine colored pearl jewelry which are every unique. The creation procedure requires a lots of concentration and target and professionals will need to apply visualization to into the dominion of Lotus Platform.

The next stage up are the Lotus Program Initiation just for the Intermediate and Advanced levels. In the Intermediate level, the medical specialist will be able to expert the art of the formation of That lotus Platforms. He will probably also be competent to master the technique of reading and interpreting this is of the creation of That lotus Platform. With this form of technique, the novice should be able to fully understand the meaning of the creation of each with the seven layers of the lotus flower, nectar, crystals, and so forth. Mastering this more advanced level also clears the path to the third level of the lotus flower, the Lotus Throne. At this time students will be able to totally master all of the levels of the lotus flower in relation to the Lotus Tub.

For the advanced scholar, the That lotus Platform holds much electricity as he can use it to be able to create everlasting changes in his life. One of the ways this can be completed is by using Luminescent A sponge. In this way, the practitioner will be able to generate even more energy (lumen) simply by spreading the lotus system throughout the room. However , in order for practitioners to truly master this martial art tatami, it is important that they practice with a Master who is able of allowing them infinite access to the lotus system. This is one of the ways how the martial-art practitioners with the tateiki program gain true enlightenment.